The Digital Radio Home Of The Original Soul Monster... XERB!

XERB 1090 is taking you back to the sunny days and star-filled nights of Southern California summer in the sixties! Grab your transistor radio and tune your dial to the monster sound of Southern California Giant XERB 1090!

Step into the XERB Time Machine! We've taken original broadcasts of Wolfie, complete with your favorite Graffiti Gold records and classic commercials, to allow you to experience what it was like to tune in to The Wolfman Jack Show on XERB back in the soulful Sixties. If you've got original recordings of the Wolfman that you'd like to share with us, we'd love to hear from you!

How's your boogaloo? If you don't mind us asking, of course. If your soul could use a boogaloo booster shot, we prescribe a Wolfman Jack T-shirt, beer mug or bumper sticker. Click here to visit The Wolfman Jack Radio Store!

The history of notorious "border blaster" XERB is the stuff that legends are made of. Born in a sleepy seaside village in the 1930s, XERB grew up to be one of the most famous radio stations in the world, with a blowtorch signal that sent the voice of the fabled Wolfman Jack to all corners of the globe. Click here to read the story of this remarkable station!

  Wolfman Howlin' At The Moon...

Wolfman Jack


  Rat Fink

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XERB 1090 - Rosarito Beach, Baja Cfa.

The Flag of the Republic of Mexico

Radio North America S.A.
Central Studios: Los Angeles
Transmisor en San Antonio de los Buenos, Baja Cfa.