These photographs were taken during a 40-mile-per-hour dust storm in a patch of plowed-over ground off of busy U.S. Highway 99 on the rural east side of Stockton on April 1, 2004. All but the bones of the old Valley 99 Drive-In entrance sign had been stripped away, but the purpose it once served was unmistakable. The asphalt of the entry driveway only extended about fifty feet before it disappeared into loamy dirt. The cinder-block shells of the ticket booths stood about 150 feet beyond, in a patch of scrub brush, giving a hint of where the entry drive wound around to the right of the parking area. The parking area itself was entirely indistinguishable, having been roughly plowed over. No remnants of speaker poles, the screen or the snack bar were left behind.

Skeleton of marquee sign at entrance
(looking west toward US Highway 99; frontage road is just past sign)

Remains of ticket booths at end of entrance driveway
(looking east from end of paved segment)

Composite aerial photograph of the Valley 99 Drive-In (1998).
North is at the top of the photo, with the Clark Drive off-ramp in the top-left (northwest) corner. The theater's parking area is faintly visible at right-center, looking somewhat like a baseball diamond with trimmed sides. The movie screen is a black rectangle, obviously tilted forward for optimum viewing.

Closer view of the marquee

Final view of the marquee, taken from the edge of
the frontage road, looking north

Aerial view from USGS database, circa 2004.
Highway 99 at bottom of picture; Clark Avenue exit
(not pictured) is just beyond the bottom-left corner.

DFJ 4/1/2004