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Love your mother? These gifts will prove it


We've learned to speak Martian and Venusian, got real with Dr. Phil, put the fun in dysfunctional and self-helped our way out of co-dependence. Still, like Lisa Presley's husbands, our romantic commitments are increasingly temporary.

"Strangely, people don't seem to date for short periods of time, they get into relationships for short periods of time," says Carina Chocano, author of "Do You Love Me or am I Paranoid: The Serial Monogamist's Guide to Love" (Villard Books, $9.95), a tongue-in-cheek look at romance.

A gift, however, doesn't have to be so fleeting. From a piece of the moon to a piece of yourself, here are 10 ways to express your love and make it last not only past Mother's Day but well past its expiration date.

1. A piece of the moon

You can mean business when you say, "Go to the moon!" if you buy your mother a piece of it.

The Lunar Registry: Premium properties on the moon, starts at $25.95 per acre. Includes deed certificate, property location, satellite photograph and geographic information in an elegant black linen presentation folder. Free shipping. 1-877-919-8244 (toll free in the US), www.lunarregistry.com.

2. Sing to your sweetheart

So what if dogs howl while you bark your favorite tune and Simon on "American Idol" would likely call you the worst singer in the universe. You can still record your undying love for all posterity.

Tree Sound Studios in Norcross, Ga.: Total cost, including a sound engineer and an hour of studio time, is $95. CDs are $12 each. 770-242-8944, www.treemm.com.

Creative Sound Concepts in Atlanta: Total cost, including a sound engineer and an hour of studio time, is $125. CDs are $10 each. 404-873-6628, www.creativesoundconcepts.com.

3. Name a star

You may not be a singing star, but you can name a celestial object after your beloved.

International Star Registry: The basic package is $48 plus shipping and includes certificate, star coordinates, sky chart, astronomy booklet and letter. 1-800-282-3333, www.starregistry.com.

Star Foundation: Packages start at $39.95 plus shipping and include certificate, maps, astronomical terms, fact sheet and reference guide. 949-955-2646, www.starfoundation.net.

4. Lifetime supply of chocolate

The average American (whoever she may be) consumes chocolate at a rate of 12 pounds annually (that's all?), according to the Chocolate Manufacturers Association (www.candyusa.org). With life expectancy at 77, a lifetime supply of chocolate is 923 pounds. Using its own math, Godiva says a lifetime supply of its brand comes to $39,000. Save a little extra for shipping and a treadmill.

5. Tattoos for two

"We try to talk people out of getting boyfriends' or girlfriends' names because relationships don't last forever but tattoos do," said Paul Masci with Timeless Tattoos in Atlanta. Well, that's the point.

6. Name that stadium

Nothing would show immortal love like your sweetheart's name emblazoned in lights across a stadium. Many public venues will showcase a name, but it will cost you. Naming rights at Staples Center in Los Angeles is costing Staples $5.8 million a year for 20 years. At Philips Arena, Royal Philips Electronics is paying $9.25 million a year for 20 years.

7. Craftsman tools

If Cupid's arrow doesn't get them, a good Craftsman reversible ratcheting wrench just might. Point is, most Craftsman hand tools are guaranteed for life, according to Mike Mangan, company spokesman. So as with bad boyfriends, if these don't work out you can trade them in for new ones. Craftsman Tools can be found at Sears.

Craftsman Tools: 1-800-549-4505, www.craftsman.com.

8. A diamond lasts forever

If you want to say "be mine," nothing beats the real thing --- Tiffany's classic little blue box. Especially if it has a Tiffany's patented Lucida setting ($2,060 and up) nestled inside.

Feeling fickle? Consider cubic zirconia, a faux diamond that has some of the look without all the payments. QVC, the television shopping channel, sells Diamonique. QVC offers a wide selection with prices starting at $34, less than the cost of a single pound of Godiva.

Tiffany's: www.tiffany.com.

QVC: 1-800-367-9444, www.qvc.com.

D. Gellar & Son: dgeller.com/diamond.html.

Solomon Brothers: www.solomonbrothers.com.

9. Plant a tree

Long after you've had to make like a tree and leave, this gift will breathe on. For just $10, you can contribute to the Arbor Day Foundation and plant 10 trees in honor of your mother.

Arbor Day Foundation: 402-474-5655, www.arborday.org.

10. DNA --- the gift of you

How about the gift that's uniquely you?

CATGee: For $29.95, you can swab each other's cheeks and keep the DNA forever in the CATGee pouch. Might be a good idea to brush first. 1-800-828-1545, www.catgee.com

DesigNAgifts.com: Send a sample of your DNA (again, brush) and DesigNAgifts will transform it into a colorful barcode and produce works of art. Prices range from $250 for a DNA certificate to $5,900 for a stained-glass screen. Located in the United Kingdom, www.designagifts.com.

Other applicable gift occasions include birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day, graduation, Valentine's Day, Father's Day. Links to name a star, International Star Registry and Star Namer Web sites. Reprinted by permission.



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