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Oh Dad, Poor Dad!
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By Jan Walker-McNally
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Blue Claw Crab from The Lobster House

We're not suggesting that Dad is a crab. We're suggesting that Dad might like to eat some crabs!

Admit it. Your father is a tough guy. And I don't mean when it comes to bopping the next-door neighbor in the nose when their dog leaves an unwanted present in your front yard. Nope, dad is a toughie to buy a unique gift for. In fact, buying a fresh, creative and interesting present for any man, whether he's your father, husband, son, uncle, grandfather, brother or just the guy you work with, can be a real challenge.

When it comes to finding a gift idea that's perfect for your papa, the difference between a present that's fun and a present that's quickly forgotten such as a tie, socks, or a sleeve of golf balls (did you just cringe because that's what you've gotten him for his last three birthdays?) can be as easy as thinking inside the box.

That's right! Sometimes the best gift for dad comes in a box delivered right to your doorstep (or even his) from great shops that aren't located at the local mall. In this Great Gift Guide showcase, we'll take you coast-to-coast to New Jersey, California and into the great beyond for some unique gift ideas that you may not have imagined were available!

To Infinity ... And Beyond!

Whether dad dreams of being Neil Armstrong or even Buzz Lightyear, or if he simply dreams of owning his own vacation or retirement property, you can make your father's interstellar dream come true with his own acre of land on the Moon.

Dad will be over the moon with his own lunar property!The Lunar Registry (on the Internet or phone 1-646-536-9275) has been in the lunar real estate business for several years, offering premium property on the moon to space jockeys, investors and plain old everyday Earthlings like you and me.

Known throughout the cosmos as "Earth's Leading Lunar Real Estate Agency," the Lunar Registry offers land in various actual locations on the moon, including the Sea of Tranquility, the Ocean of Storms and the Lunar Alps. Prices are extremely affordable, starting at just over $25 and ranging up to about $40. As they say in their radio ads, "Nothing could be greater than to own your own crater," and your dad may be the first father on your block to be able to point up at the moon and say, "Yep, I own a piece of that!"

The company recently signed an exclusive agreement with the Crater Company which allows everyday folks to have a crater named for themselves -- joining Elvis Presley, Donald Trump, Princess Diana, Albert Einstein, John Lennon, Leonardo da Vinci and other luminaries that have received this honor. "Crater Kit" pricing begins at less than $40.

The lunar land gift package I received included a treasure trove of items fit for an Earth-bound lunatic like dad: a beautifully engraved and personalized parchment deed, a glossy photograph showing the lunar property, along with all the nearby moon craters and other lunar formations (all identified by name for easy spotting through a telescope or good binoculars), an information sheet chock-full of interesting facts about the region the lunar land is located in, plus other documents detailing how the dollars from my purchase are being put to use in a commercial mission to settle the moon.

Last-minute shoppers can even "download the moon" by way of an instant gift certificate for a print-it-yourself present at the bargain price of only $35.95 per lunar acre. It's a unique, eye-opening alternative to the tried-and-true star name gifts that seem to be as common these days as, well, stars.

Moon property owners are recorded in an international database and in the Lunar Land Claims Register in the Library of Congress and various trademark offices around the world. Sales are authorized by one the largest international space-settlement advocacy groups, the Lunar Republic Society. The gift package includes a complimentary one-year membership in the organization so dad can follow the progress of their plans for a commercial lunar landing.

Buy Moon Property from The Lunar Registry!

Give Your Dad A Case Of Crabs!

Okay, maybe that doesn't sound as appetizing as I thought it would ... what I mean is that your gift doesn't have to be a present that is ageless and timeless and lasts forever. In fact, sometimes the most memorable gifts last only as long as it takes to cook 'em and eat 'em!

One of my favorite places on the East Coast is beautiful Cape May, N.J., home of the wonderful Lobster House (on the Internet or phone 1-609-884-8296), which combines a delightful restaurant, gift shop and fresh seafood market. Although their name implies an offering limited to tasty red-hued crustaceans, I am particularly enamored of their succulent Blue Claw Crabs (right now at $13.95/pound) and indescribably delectable Crab Cakes ($49.95 for a six-pack, and worth every single penny). If you think you can get the same degree of quality, flavor and wonderfulness over at your local Stop-n-Shop, I feel so sad for you!

Smoked salmon and tuna, peppered bluefish, soups, chowders, salads, key lime pie and bread pudding are also on the mail-order menu. All seafood gift packages come flash frozen and are shipped FedEx Overnight. Other items, including T-shirts, caps and cook books, are shipped via FedEx 3 day service. (No shipments go out on Sunday; Saturday delivery is $10 extra.)

By the way, you can get perfectly perfect lobsters from the Lobster House, too. And don't forget to add a Lobster House T-shirt for dad to wear long after he has savored these amazing delicacies!

Buy Seafood Direct from The Lobster House!

Gold Medal Wine ClubBottle Of Wine, Fruit Of The Vine

There are a handful of excellent "Wine of the Month" clubs on the Internet, a number of them offering exceptional selections of interesting wines from small, hard-to-find wineries that are just waiting to be discovered and treasured.

My favorite by far is the Gold Medal Wine Club (on the Internet or phone 1-800-266-8888), which offers splendid cabernets, merlots, chardonnays and even champagnes from some of California's finest wine makers. You may select from their three, six or twelve-month programs, or design your own custom gift package. Each month's shipment includes two "highly credentialed" wines along with Gold Medal's acclaimed 8-page feature publication, "The Wine Press." An elegant, custom greeting card accompanies your present.

Three-month gift subscriptions start at about $110, with discounts for six and twelve-month gift program purchases. If dad loves wine and the finer things in life, he'll truly enjoy this gift over and over. Recent wine selections have included Andrew Murray Winery (2000 Esperance), Freestone Winery (2000 Sauvignon Blanc), Optima Cellars (1998 Cabernet Sauvignon) and Paraiso Springs Winery (1999 Pinot Noir), each highly rated and/or gold-medal award winners in tasting competitions.

Give The Gift Of Wine from the Gold Medal Wine Club!

Whether the occasion is Father's Day, Christmas, dad's birthday, Valentines Day, his retirement, or if you just want to give him a gift that says "I love you," I'm sure that you'll find an unusual and unique present for the man in your life that he'll remember long after the special day has passed.

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Suggested unique gift ideas for dad: looking for an interesting and unique present for your father or any man, including your husband, brother, son, grandfather or uncle who may be hard to buy for? A unique Christmas gift idea, birthday gift, or any holiday present suggestion is buy moon property, purchase land on the moon. Here's how to buy an acre of lunar land, seafood by mail order, Lobstergram, lobsters, frozen crab, shrimp, with overnight delivery. California wine gift, from the wine of the month club, unique premium wines from Napa and Sonoma. You can make your father day gift unique and special - Our Great Gift Guides find fun, unusual and unique gift idea suggestions that save you time and money.